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Resources Bank

Federal Partners Resources

The LMIC federal partners offer a range of resources to help Tribal leadership and community members in their work to improve the health of Native youth.

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Grants and Awards

LMIC federal and community partners offer funding opportunities, grants, and awards to Tribal leadership and communities. Visit the Grants and Awards page to learn more about eligibility and available funding opportunities. Learn More

Let's Move! Initiatives

The Let's Move! initiative has instituted various programs across the country to mobilize individuals and organizations across the country to become involved in addressing the problem of childhood obesity nationwide. These programs work in collaboration with the overall goals of Let's Move!.

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LMIC Toolkit

This toolkit can be used by individuals, schools, pre-schools, before and after school programs, private organizations, tribal nations, community groups, committees, councils, fundraising coordinators, administrators and management, urban Indian centers, tribal leaders, local elected officials or anyone interested in helping American Indian/Alaska Native children combat obesity.

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